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The bark scorpion is native to the southwest region of America and is commonly found hiding under rocks, logs, and tree bark. They are often encountered in homes, unfortunately. A scorpion’s sting can cause swelling and vomiting, and can even cause death. Don’t take unnecessary risks! Let the professionals at JB's Pest Control take care of your scorpion problem!


We all know that termites are wood eaters and can cause plenty of damage to homes and businesses if left unchecked. They can even do damage to drywall, carpets, and even furniture! Don't wait to get protect your property, call us for an inspection today!


Another pest that affects the southwest in particular are spiders. Among them are black widow and brown recluse spiders, which are especially dangerous. You can deter spider activity by keeping areas around your house free of clutter, and calling JB's Pest Control!


Rodents can take over a property quickly and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. They also have very high reproduction rates. Let our rodent control expertise bring you peace of mind, the sooner the better!


Summer in Arizona brings mosquitos. Water areas or damp sections of your property can be breeding-grounds for these pesky pests. Some Arizona mosquitos can be dangerous, some are merely annoying. Don't risk impact to your health or comfort, call us today!


Flies are a nuisance, especially in our homes! They are attracted to food and refuse and reproduce quickly. Flies can carry diseases harmful to you and your pets. They should be effectively controlled for your comfort and safety.


Cockroaches have long been despised by American homeowners. They can spread harmful bacteria and tend to hide in tight spaces. If you see even one cockroach, there could be many more hiding in your walls. Don't delay in getting your cockroach problem treated!


Ants in Arizona can be found in abundance in the desert, so it should be no surprise that they can be found in Arizona homes and businesses. Annoying and sometimes dangerous, these pests need to be controlled. JB's Pest Control can help! Call us today!




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