Our Pest Control Solution

JB's Pest offers a complete coverage approach to pest control
from our initial treatment to every treatment after

Full Service Pest Treatments

Every situation is unique which is why our team is trained to offer a specialized
set of services to combat your pest problems


By treating the bugs at the source, we can prevent them from coming back.

  • Fast Acting Granules
  • Perimeter Defense
  • Hot Spot Treatments

Summer Pest Control with JB


A strong exterior barrier around the base of the home prevents pests from entering.

  • 6-ft Barrier Spray
  • Spider Webs and Wasp Nests Removed
  • Window Frame Spray

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Billed Every Two Months Billed Yearly

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$79 $425
Spider Web & Wasp Nest Removal
6-ft Foundation Treatment
Flower Bed Treatment
Lawn and Yard Treatment
Interior Baseboard Flush
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$99 $540
Everything in Essentials
365 Pest Guarantee

On-Demand Retreatments

Property Perimeter Flush
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$129 $700
Everything in Deluxe
Foilage Treatment
Rodent Monitoring and Removal
Mosquito Treatment
Mosquito Treatment
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