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Getting Rid of Nuisance Birds

At what point is a bird considered a nuisance—or a pest? There are so many native birds that are beautiful to watch. However, non-native or overpopulated bird species usually cause problems.

These birds include but are not limited to the following:

  • Pigeons
  • Grackles
  • Doves
  • Sparrows

Why You Need Bird Remediation

Obviously, aggressive birds are an issue for anyone. But those are not usually the type of birds causing problems for most home and business owners. The birds you see daily feel most comfortable taking up a nest on your porch, in your light fixture, in the eaves, and more. Whether it is apparent at first or not, birds nesting where you live can be a significant issue. 

Here are a few reasons why birds can be dangerous to have hanging around.

  • Birds are messy. Ask any pet bird owner! Bird droppings all over are no one’s idea of a safe and welcoming place to live or work.
  • Birds can be pretty loud. In a park, listening to birds sing may be a pleasant way to pass the time. But if it is outside your bedroom window all night or waking you in the morning, you’ll not feel so affectionate toward its tunes.
  • The nests they build can be in the wrong spot. If they choose the perfect gutter, vent, eaves, rafters, and more, they can cause rot and clogs, leading to further problems.
  • Bird excrement carries diseases that can harm customers, staff, and home residents, including children and pets.

Therefore, we encourage our Arizona residents to have these pesky birds removed right away. Avoid any harm to the people who may come in contact with them and the building with prompt bird remediation services.

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Meet the JB's Pest Team

Residential and Commercial Bird Remediation

Every bothersome bird situation is different and requires a unique approach. That is why our pest control team is trained to remedy the issues you are having expediently and with a custom-designed plan. No one method is best since no two bird varieties are the same.

Residential example: If you have a sweet mama bird singing songs in the hedge beside the front door, it can be an exciting time! You check the nest each day and listen for the tiny chirps of the chicks. But when Mama bird feels threatened, and her babies are ready to hatch, you may not be able to enter your home. That is no good!

Our residential clients often call with a nest on the porch, in the attic, or in a shed. In those cases, the bird will need to be removed, the nest removed, and the area will need treatment. Our professionals will do all that and more.

Commercial example: You have seen them flying around the big box stores and probably pay them no mind. But for store owners, this can be a nightmare situation. When these birds get stuck inside a commercial building, they nest, get into supplies, and leave a disaster for the opening crew each morning.

Time is of the essence when your livelihood and product are being threatened! That is why we offer expedient bird remediation services for our valued commercial clients. We have you covered at JB’s Pest Control Services.

JB’s Bird Remediation Service Touch Points

With excellent customer service in mind, allow our experts to develop a customized plan for your particular property and bird problem. Considering all the areas our service team touches, there is no doubt that the birds will not want to stick around.

How do we treat the problem area? Well, that depends on where the problem lies—however, we will treat additional regions to ensure a pest-free home or business. We cover the following and more:

  • The Yard- We treat the yard by removing bugs at the source to eliminate the birds’ food source. As for bird issues, we remove nests and make the area less attractive to them.
  • Exterior- Exterior inspection includes locating bird remnants in the eaves, trusses, and porches. In addition, a strong barrier placed around the base of the building will help keep pests from entering.
  • Interior- Flush pests out of the building once and for all with proven pest control methods.

JB’s Pest Control offers service plan options, including bird remediation and pest control.

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We want to make a difference in the quality of your life, including a nuisance bird-free home or business. Get in touch with our knowledgeable team for an estimate for bird remediation. We will work to solve your pest bird issues with our all-in-one pest control plans covering all areas of the home and yard.Call our team or email your questions and get a free estimate for JB’s Bird Remediation and Pest Control Services.

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