Summer Pest Control: Tips for Your Home and Yard

Summer Pest Control with JB

Did you know most insects increase their activity during the summer months? Both in preparation for the cooler months and because of the ample resources the season brings, pests of all shapes and sizes are more abundant and busier than ever.

In Phoenix, summer pest control is vital for keeping some dangerous critters out of our homes and off our properties. JB’s Pest Control guides you through the top advice for maintaining a bug-free home during the hottest time of the year.

Read on to discover what pests you may encounter and how to prevent them from taking over your yard and hiding away in your home.

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What Pests Should You Look for this Summer?


Our desert state is home to a variety of scorpion species. And with the increase in temperatures comes an increase in scorpion activity. Bark scorpions happen to be one of the most reported home-invading pests we have here in Arizona.

If you’ve ever been stung by one of these tiny creatures, you know the pain can be quite extreme. What’s worse is the potential ill symptoms scorpion stings can cause. Mainly, young children and the elderly are at risk of experiencing more severe effects. You certainly don’t want these creepy crawlers sneaking around your home or yard.


Ticks more commonly target household pets like dogs. However, when no dogs are found, they will not hesitate to latch onto humans. Unfortunately, ticks are not only irritating. Their bites can become infected and spread a number of dangerous diseases, including tick fever and Lyme disease.

Keep you and your furry family members safe this season by implementing the necessary summer pest control methods.


In Phoenix, we have some of the most ominous and frightening little neighbors- Tarantulas! You may be surprised to discover that these giant fuzzy spiders are practically harmless and pose less threat than many other common pests. However, their bites can undoubtedly be painful.

Stinging Insects

Bees, wasps, and hornets buzz around all summer long, sipping on sweet nectar and pollinating our vibrant flowers. They are an essential part of fragile ecosystems worldwide, even though they can be a nuisance.

Nevertheless, keeping them away from your property and out of your home is critical for those who are allergic to their painful stings.


Ants are a diverse group of insects you may encounter during these hot and humid summer months. Some species are more of a concern than others. However, most can bite or sting (or both), and many will wreak havoc in the kitchen or pantry.

Not to mention, invasive species, like the fire ant, will take over your yard in no time. They even run out our vital native ants in the process.


Who doesn’t get the chills at the sight of a cockroach? They are a nasty group of bugs that can spread disease and prove difficult to control in some cases. In Arizona, there are 20 variations of the cockroach, all of which are unwelcome in your home.

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Expert Tips for Summer Pest Control in Phoenix

With all the backyard barbeques, pool parties, and outdoor fun you’ve planned, you’ll need to ensure the safety of your guests and family by implementing expert pest prevention methods this summer. Use the following indoor and outdoor tips to kickstart your exciting summer. And never hesitate to contact JB’s for a thorough inspection to ensure you’re on the right track.

Preventing Pests Indoors

1 | Repair Structural Damage

Even the tiniest openings and gaps in your home’s structure can act as an entryway for pesky summer pests. That’s why it’s essential for any homeowner to inspect the interior and exterior walls for damages, like cracks and holes.

The doors and windows throughout your home can’t be missed. Ensure they are sealed off from the critters outdoors by checking the rubber seals. These vital structures are essential to keeping the summer pests from invading indoors. Over time, they become worn and brittle, leading to small gaps and chipped pieces. Replace the rubber seals before the peak of summer to prevent ants, flies, small scorpions, and more from entering.

2 | Maintain a Tidy Kitchen 

Roaches, flies, and other insects are often lured indoors by the sweet scent of food crumbs and spills. They can even make their way into the kitchen through the sink drains. To implement the best indoor summer pest control possible, keeping a tidy kitchen is critical. So, immediately clean up any food spills, grease splatters, and scattered crumbs in the kitchen and dining room.

Furthermore, it’s wise to relocate your fruit bowl or other exposed produce to a spot in the home where insects won’t be tempted to lay their eggs. An excellent storage area may be the fridge or pantry for the summer season. Or you could consider covering your produce until it comes time to use them for a delicious meal or afternoon snack.

3 | Seal Food Containers

In your kitchen pantry, never leave opened boxes or bags for pesky summertime pests. The best method for sealing your pantry foods is investing in airtight pantry containers. Or, if you have zip-lock plastic bags handy, you can protect your pantry products by placing opened pasta boxes, leftover cereal, or salty chip bags inside.

4 | Relocate Outdoor Plants 

A lesser-known summer pest control tip is to move your outside potted plants away from the home’s exterior for the season. Generally, it’s smart to keep plants away from the house throughout the entire year. Though, it’s not always the most attractive or convenient.

Nevertheless, you’ll want to relocate your outdoor plants during the toasty summer months. Especially ants view potted plants as an ideal nesting location. And when they are ready to move, as they do several times over the year, a nearby house may be tempting to invade.

Moving any plants possible will decrease the likelihood of ants and similar insects creeping their way indoors.

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Preventing Pests in Your Yard

1 | Eliminate Standing Water

The pesky mosquito starts its life in water. Have you ever seen tiny, wiggling worm-like creatures in a pool of stagnant water? Those are the mosquito larvae. And in no time, they will transform into the blood-sucking flying insects we all despise.

So, start your outdoor summer pest control efforts by getting rid of all still water collections. You can do this by improving your yard’s drainage system and turning over any buckets stored outdoors. Furthermore, pour out the excess water in potted plants after a rainy afternoon.

2 | Mow the Lawn Regularly

This summer, make sure you take the time to keep up with mowing your property’s grass. An overgrown lawn is a summer bug’s paradise. It offers just the right amount of shelter they need and provides for the perfect pest home.

The heat can be draining, but you’ll surely be thanking yourself when you enjoy the summer fun without a lawn full of creepy crawlers.

3 | Trim Bushes and Trees

In addition to regular mowing, give your trees and bushes some attention. For the hedges and trees near the structure of your home, you’ll want to ensure no branches are leaning against the exterior walls. Tree limbs serve as the perfect bridge for ants and other summer pests to make their way indoors.

4 | Be Strategic with Outdoor Lighting

The final step to completing outdoor summer pest control is to ensure you have the right lights outside your home. If your lights are white or blue-toned, you are likely attracting more flying insects than you need to. Bugs are much less fond of warm lights, like red, orange, or yellow.

So, switch to the correct outdoor lighting to keep your home and property as pest-free as possible.

Make Your Summer Bug-Free with JB’s Pest Control

Preventing pests from taking over your home and yard is an excellent habit for these hot and humid summer months. However, this is only one component of summer pest control.

Suppose you’ve already spotted some pesky critters hiding in your yard or infesting your pantry. In that case, reach out to your local Phoenix pest control experts at JB’s. Not only have we trained in the most effective and conscious insect and critter elimination methods, but we live here, too! So, we know the struggles of keeping scorpions, tarantulas, ants, and roaches away from our homes very well.

Don’t let summertime pests squash your vacation vibes this season. Give JB’s Pest Control a call today.

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