The World’s Scariest Insects and Arachnids

Scariest insects- spiders

Right in time for the spooky season, JB’s Pest Control brings you a horrifying list of the world’s six scariest insects and arachnids! Halloween is the time for ghost stories, potions concocted by evil witches, and vampires thirsty for their next blood meal.

But let’s not forget about the spooky critters lurking in the darkness. Continue reading to learn about some of the planet’s most frightening yet fascinating creatures.

Scariest Insects, Creepy Crawlies, and Halloween

Did you know that about 25% of people fear insects and spiders? No wonder creepy bugs star in some of the most terrifying horror films and ancient tales. Is it their intimidating appearance? Or is it the fact that many insects and arachnids can harm humans? Several species are even deadly to our race.

Whatever it may be, it is apparent that humans have an innate fear of bugs. Some people scream at the sight of them, while others know very well to keep their distance. Maybe it’s because these little creatures outnumber us 200 million to one!

Halloween puts a spotlight on some of the most horrific and bone-chilling bugs and critters. Along with spooky black cats, bats, and rats, there are a few famous Halloween creatures, like moths and spiders:

  • Moths– Moths often symbolize darkness, death, and evil when used in films and literature. Aside from having a fuzzy texture and nocturnal behaviors, they aren’t so different from butterflies that tend to symbolize life and positive transformations. So, why do they have such a bad reputation? Maybe it’s the erratic fluttering that makes people uneasy. Or perhaps it’s because they tend to hide away until the sun goes down.
  • Spiders– Some spiders are a deadly threat to humans. While others are perfectly harmless and surprisingly beneficial to the balance of nature. Nevertheless, these creepy-looking arachnids are often connected to the tales of witches and ghosts. Plus, their webs are found in dark and ominous places, like graveyards and abandoned buildings. 
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6 of the Scariest Insects and Arachnids

Proceed with caution—the following creatures are guaranteed to send chills down your spine! Continue at your own risk.

1 | Assassin Bug

Assassin bugs show no mercy to their victims. They are known for aggressively killing prey by stabbing its body with their sharp needle-like beak. But the assassin bug doesn’t stop there. After killing its prey, it injects a fluid that liquefies the victim’s insides and sucks them out! One species of assassin bug even goes to the extent of wearing the empty shell of its victim on its back.

Fortunately, this terrifying insect is not typically a threat to humans. However, some species are known for transmitting the disease to humans. You’ll want to keep your distance from the assassin bug if you ever cross its path—it has an extremely painful bite!

2 | Bot Fly

The bot fly must be one of the scariest insects on the planet. The terror of these flies doesn’t come from a painful bite or a fearsome appearance. Instead, these little creatures are a true nightmare—bot flies begin their life cycle in the bodies of warm-blooded animals, including humans!

The adult bot fly lays its eggs just beneath the skin of a mammal. And when the eggs hatch, the larvae eat their way out! Lucky for us, this horrifying fly primarily dwells in Central and South America. In the United States, the bot fly is sometimes spotted in Florida. And while it’s rare to be affected by bot flies in the tropical state, it certainly isn’t impossible.

To top it all off, the burrowed larvae release a toxic fluid that causes painful pustules to develop on the skin. Unfortunately, surgery is the only way to remove a bot fly from an affected human. A nasty infection is likely to occur if one attempts to squash the bug beneath its skin. 

scariest insects caterpillar

3 | Giant Silkworm Assassin Caterpillar

The giant silkworm assassin caterpillar is a creature you should hope never to encounter. The assassin caterpillar is covered in tiny spikes resulting in a hypnotic appearance. Each point holds a potent venom fatal to humans. A single touch can take someone’s life in no time at all. So, it’s incredibly vital that those who fall victim to this little creature seek medical attention immediately.

Without treatment, the symptoms of a sting are much like gangrene—blood leaks into the brain resulting in a fatality. To make matters worse, the venom has anti-clotting properties that make it impossible to stop the bleeding from a single prick. Scientists have studied this terrifying and powerful caterpillar more than any other in the world.

4 | Bullet Ant

It may not be pleasant to do so, but imagine being shot with a nail gun. Well, that’s what it feels like to be bitten by one of the most painful insects on the planet, the bullet ant!

Bullet ants are relatively large ants that grow to about one inch and live in the rainforests of Central and South America. After a bite from one of these incredible ants, you will suffer excruciating pain for up to 12 hours.

5 | Flesh Flies

The name of this insect is enough to send chills down anyone’s spine. Flesh flies are famous for laying their eggs in the open wounds of animals, including unfortunate humans. Even worse, they typically breed in and consume feces and decaying matter.

Strangely, flesh flies are critical, even if they may be some of the scariest insects. They are scavengers that aid in the balance of nature and have an essential role in deciphering the time of death in murder cases.

6 | Killer Ants

Killer ants live up to their frightening name. These massive ants are almost always found in the millions roaming western Africa and Asia. Getting in the way of a traveling colony of killer ants can be fatal. Moving like a black wave through the rainforest, the colony can easily cover several meters of the forest floor.

Killer ants form living nests using the bodies of the colony members as walls and barriers to the outside. When it’s time to hunt, the ants move in one collective body, terrorizing everything in their path. In most cases, large insects like scorpions, beetles, and crickets fall victim to these aggressive insects. However, the colony will occasionally take down rodents and reptiles. Even more horrifying, killer ants have the ability to rip through the skin of larger prey, including cattle, elephants, and humans.

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Are the Scariest Insects and Creepy Crawlies Taking Over Your Property?

Some of the scariest insects and arachnids in the world are capable of things we could only dream up in nightmares. Luckily, those living in the United States, including Arizona, are safe from most of these terrifying creatures. 

However, dealing with local pests is still a hassle. With help from the experienced and skilled team at JB’s Pest Control, you can achieve a pest-free home and yard for the fall season!

Don’t let bugs and critters squash your thrilling Halloween. Call on the team you can trust at JB’s Pest Control.

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