Halloween Horror Stories in Pest Control

Halloween horror

The spooky season quickly becomes extra spooky when you discover your home is infested with creepy crawlers! In the spirit of the season, JB’s Pest Solutions shares seven unbelievable Halloween horror stories that will keep you up at night.

Continue reading to learn about some of the most terrifying pest encounters—but beware! The following true events are sure to make your skin crawl.

1 | An Ominous Rash

Halloween horror stories come to life when there is a situation where the victim is unaware of what’s going on. This was precisely the case for a blind woman living in Gulfport, Florida. After feeling a bumpy rash covering her entire body, she visits her local doctor’s office. The professional quickly realizes the rash was not a rash at all—the woman was covered in hundreds of tiny red welts that must have come from some kind of biting insect!

An exterminator was sent out to her home. He discovers that the blind woman’s bed had become the nesting location for a colony of aggressive stinging fire ants! The exterminator wondered how the senior never awoke from the painful stings in the middle of the night. She informs the professional that she must have never felt the attacks from the ants because she was already taking strong pain medication for another health issue she was experiencing at the time.

Halloween horror Bed bug evidence

2 | Polka-Dot Wallpaper

When the homeowner refused treatment for an out-of-control infestation, this pest specialist was shocked beyond belief. The exterminator was called to service a new client’s home with a routine inspection. When he entered the house, the odd polka-dot wallpaper caught his eye. Only it wasn’t wallpaper at all.

The pest specialist takes a closer look and discovers that the tiny dark specs were hundreds of little bed bugs clinging to the white wall! He turns to the homeowner in disbelief and realizes his face was covered in red bed bug bites.

The exterminator recommended immediate treatment, but the homeowner refused at first. He reasoned that killing bugs was against his religion.

3 | A Deadly Infestation

A young family had just settled into their new home when they quickly noticed some unwanted roommates—thousands of spiders! The creepy crawlers were everywhere! The frightened couple found spiders in the blinds, the air vents, the fireplace, the shower, and even behind the wallpaper.

To make matters worse, they soon discover that the spiders infesting their home were brown recluse spiders! An untreated bite from one of these venomous spiders can be deadly! Unfortunately, the treatment methods hardly fazed these resilient spiders. The couple made the wise decision to file a lawsuit against the previous owners and get out of the home as quickly as possible!

4 | The Halloween Horror Party Trick

This next Halloween horror story victim makes the best of her terrifying experience. She recreates the creepy scene each Halloween to spook her guests!

Years before, she noticed that her shower drain was clogged. Like any responsible homeowner, she decides to address the issue immediately and goes to fetch cleaning supplies. She attempts to remove the typical hair or gunk that has blocked her shower drain. All of a sudden, dozens of roaches emerge from the opening and begin scurrying around to find an escape! She acts quickly and runs out of the room, shoving a towel under the door to trap the nasty pests. As soon as she ensures her safety, she calls her local pest control professionals for help.

Now, the brave woman stages this bone-chilling experience by placing fake roaches spilling out of the drains in her bathroom. She says it makes her Halloween party guests shriek in horror just about every time someone walks into the bathroom!

5 | The Last Straw

A man recalls a rough time in his childhood when he and his family had no other place to live but inside a couple of tents at the local campgrounds. This unfortunate time quickly became a real-life Halloween horror story when their tent became infested with shiny little silverfish that practically glowed in the moonlight!

The creepy little critters were crawling all over the walls and hiding inside their sleeping bags. Finally, there came a night when his family believed they had the issue taken care of. However, when the 13-year-old boy awoke in the middle of the night to hundreds of silverfish scurrying all over his body inside the sleeping bag, they quickly realized the problem was out of control.

This was the last straw for the struggling family. They packed their few belongings as quickly as possible and gathered the tiny bit of cash they had left to book a room at a local motel. The boy and his siblings felt like they were living like kings compared to the terrifying nights they had been experiencing. Today, he claims to still have a crippling fear of slithering silverfish.

Halloween horror ants

6 | Living in the Walls

The memory of what this next homeowner experienced still makes her skin crawl. She had seen ants scurrying around her home for a couple of weeks. She began to see them so frequently that she decided it was time to call in the professionals. However, she certainly didn’t expect to receive the news that an entire colony of carpenter ants was living inside the walls around her fireplace!

The exterminator informed her that these ants had been colonizing for at least ten years! She left her home for a few hours so the professional could safely spray and treat the massive population of carpenter ants. When she returned home, she walked into her living room covered in lifeless ants!

7 | Last in Line

Talk about a Halloween horror, an Arizona apartment complex was undergoing some much-needed renovations when the tenants of the last building to be serviced lived through one of the most bone-chilling experiences. As each building before theirs was renovated, the cockroaches moved to the next nearest shelter. Because theirs was last to be worked on, the building quickly became infested with hundreds of filthy cockroaches!

One tenant even recalls roaches crawling into the control panel of the microwave! They were in the cabinets, pantry, and just about everywhere else. He spent several months living off take-out meals to avoid stepping foot in his infested kitchen.

Halloween horror Roach

Have a Pest-Free Halloween Horror Season

While not all the above Halloween horror stories are entirely preventable, there are many things you can do to keep the creepy crawlies at bay this fall. Use the following tips and tricks to enjoy a pest-free home during these upcoming spooky months:

  • Seal the damages and openings on the exterior of the house.
  • Get rid of pools of standing water and other excessively moist areas.
  • Maintain a well-kept lawn and keep all plants and bushes at least a foot away from the home.
  • Trim tree limbs that reach the home’s surface.
  • Clean up after sugary spills and other messes as soon as possible.
  • Keep food products stored in air-tight containers, indoors and outside.
  • Schedule regular inspections with your local pest control specialists.

Avoid Halloween Horror and Get Rid of the Creepy Crawlers with JB’s Pest Solutions

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